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The Anatomy of an Apology Letter

There are many ways in which you can say "I'm sorry"; Let a letter be one of them.

This week we'll show you an example of an apology letter made by a chocolate company who didn't meet a customer's expectations.

Apology template

1. Begin by saluting your client using their name, and not the default "Dear customer,".
Example: Dear Mr. Brown,

2. Briefly acknowledge the problem.
Example: We're aware of the problem you encountered yesterday October 13th, when 30 of the 50 chocolate bars you ordered arrived in bits and pieces.

3. Give a tangible solution.
Example: Per your request, we have shipped a new order of 30 chocolate bars today October 14th, via express mail. The shipment is schedule to arrive to the address you provided by this afternoon before 5:00PM.

4. Finish by apologizing again, and thanking the person for doing business with you.
Example: We're truly sorry about this incident We appreciate your continued patronage.


We hope this helped you create your own apology letter. Stay tuned for more ideas and templates in the coming weeks!



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