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Templates: Saying Thank-You After an Interview


As we've seen in the past weeks, there are many reasons why you'd want to say "Thank-You" to someone (and also many way in which you can do so). This week, we'll show you how to compose a thank-you letter for the person who interviewed you. This could be for a job, an internship, or a volunteer position. We hope you find this helpful and that it inspires you to write your own thank-you letter.


thank you letter after an interview


1. You want to address the interviewer in a friendly, heartwarming way.

Example: Dear Ms. Li,

2. Begin by saying why you're thankful to her, and try to add some details about the meeting you two had.

Example: Thank you for taking time to talk with me last Monday about the Research Assistant position with Saving Algaes Corp. As I mentioned to you during the interview, I've been following the project your team is developing and I'm highly interested in knowing how my studies can benefit your efforts.

3. Follow the conversation by classifying yourself as a good person to hire for the position.

Example: Since our meeting, I've refined my studies about algae and microorganisms, and the results are promising. I think this study could help your team tremendously.

4. Show your appreciation again, and show your interest and possibly offer a second meeting.

Example: Thank you again for your time, I appreciate the chance I had to interview with you last week. Please feel free to contact me at (123) 123 1234 if you'd like to know more about my work and how I can help you and your team succeed.

5. Conclude by saying bye and providing your contact information.

Example: Have a great Thursday! 

Chaylyn Gibson
(123) 123 1234

We hope this has helped you get some ideas to write a thank-you letter to your interviewer. (And we hope you get the job!) A thank-you letter doesn't have to be long or too complicated, just remember to be friendly and staying organized so your message is clear.




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