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3 Ways Letters Are More Valuable Than E-Mail

Were you born around 1999 or 2000? There’s a strong chance you don’t remember, or possibly, haven’t even experienced the joy of receiving a letter via mail.
Nelson Letter to Crown Prince of Denmark
While the mid-90s saw the rise of the internet and e-mail became prevalent for home and office use, the letter was, at one time, the only way people could communicate with loved ones at a rate that was affordable. Perhaps most significantly, throughout history the letter was a tool that not only brought people together, it also offered a cherished keepsake for the recipient, especially in times of war or other long separations.

While you may be apt to turn to the tech world for everything, here are a 3 ways that letters retain their value in a way e-mail does not:

  1. A special device is not required to send a letter. A postal address is all you need to get going.
  2. A letter provides a physical, potentially permanent record of communication.
  3. Everyone enjoys receiving mail that isn’t a bill! Sending a letter is a simple, inexpensive and unexpected way to brighten someone’s day.

Whether you choose to send a love letter to the love in your live or one to a grandparent who may live far away, letter writing is an art that shouldn’t be left to die. While it may take some more time to sit down and say what needs to be said, the personal touch of your letter will not go unnoticed.

When was the last time you sent a letter?

(Image via Wikimedia Commons: Letter to the Crown Prince of Denmark, 1801.)


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